• Sim


    Travelling across India in 1969, Paul Comar is instantly amazed by the beauty and variety of handcrafted textiles. An idea is born: introducing an unintitated European audience to a wonderful world of creativity and tradition.

    A few months later, in London, he meets an textile-enthusiast Anglo-Indian couple, John and Faith Singh, whose ambition is to uphold the millennial hand block printing art.

    This first encounter, followed by many others, is the starting point of strong friendships and partnerships around common projects. Simrane is born.

    Today, our ambition is the same, and our commitment is even stronger:

    - Taking you through a unique world of colour and design

    - Supporting the development of a high-quality craftstmanship by encouraging the passing-on of know-how and skills

    - Promoting an ethical business model which focuses on the sustainable use of natural raw materials