GILI'S is a beautiful French swimwear brand for men and kids.

It takes us to distant islands off the coast of Indonesia from where its name originates. It was there that Clarisse and Aymeric dreamt up their swimwear line for men whilst on their honeymoon.

Swimsuits are made of high quality and quick-drying fabric and mesh.

For many years, Simrane has been a source of inspiration for GILI's founders, who are particularly responsive to our way of working with craftspeople. Our brands share a common enthusiasm for prints and colorful designs, and we are happy to present our first collaboration for this summer.

We chose to share two of our prints with GILI's, who put all their effort and skill into translating them into high-quality swimsuits and a beach fouta towel. The designs we selected are inspired by some of the ancient carvings found in the Baolis, which are richly decorated stepwells in western India.